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Competition Storage

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Voice Critiques

Music Transfer

No more stress, now you can check your music after you have uploaded the files, Giving you the peace of mind , knowing the correct music is uploaded and ready to be played.

Operating & Servicing Australia Wide

Support the Australian Athlete & Dancers Community, Music Uploads was Created & is Owned by an Australian Company.

There is no need to handle USB's anymore. Contactless Music Uploads and Voice Critiques

What is Music Uploads

Music Uploads was created to manage and help competitors with their music at various competitions, Dance Comps, Aerobics, Dance Eisteddfods, Cheerleading. Due to the enormity and growth of the competitions, including past problems associated with competitors music not playing on the day, music stopping halfway through their routines, wrong songs being played. There needed to be a solution. Music Uploads was created by industry professionals giving competitors the peace of mind that their music will play on the day, and the songs are correct. No more CD's, USB's, no need to check in your music, it's now all done for you.

Voice Critiques

Written Judge's critiques from your last competition are ok, but what if those critiques aren't what you expected and are limited to what is written on the sheet, usually a few basic comments.

Now you can get your Voice Critiques, this is so beneficial when a dancer receives personalised feedback on their routine or performance direct from the judge. It's a great tool to provide solo dancers, Groups, Troupes with detailed corrections and easy fixes that will help them improve and gain that extra confidence ready to hit the stage or Floor next time.

Secure and all in one Location

Finally, you can now store all your music in one location, using one password to access everything. Every Family or Studio will need to hold a cloud storage account with Music Uploads. This is where we will store your music files, Critique Files, and also Videos.

The service is valid Australia wide with any participating Competition. The music will stay stored in our cloud service as long as you have a current paid active plan. You can also transfer your music from comp to comp simply by purchasing a region addon.

Advanced Features

Our innovations are making it possible for the event organisers to spend more time creating bigger and better events for all competitors to compete in at their very best, in a wide range of genres for all ages.

We now have included an SMS service to help prevent competitors forgetting to upload or transfer music to their next comp.

You can manage, edit, update or change your music without having to contact the events admin staff, all this now can be managed within your music Uploads Portal.

Developed By: MilleniumDevelopers